Hipkins Doesn’t Know What a Woman Is

6 April 2023

4.9 MINS

… But the Kiwi PM sure knows a pregnant pause.

Can we agree that if you don’t know what a woman is, you shouldn’t be running a country?

Because on that basis, New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins should quit now.

The highly educated, grown adult was completely taken aback yesterday when he was asked, without warning, what a woman was.

To be fair, difficult questions such as this ought not be sprung on modern politicians.

They need time to consult with experts, read the latest research and – of course – consult focus groups before agreeing that the existence (or otherwise) of a penis is any kind of clue as to the sex of a person.

Journalist: “I just wanted to ask you, how do you and how does this government define a woman?”

Hipkins: “Um (long pause) to be honest that question’s come slightly out of left field for me. Um, the (long pause) well, biology, sex, gender, um (long pause) people define themselves. People define their own genders.”

Poor Hipkins. He stood dumbfounded behind the podium like he’d just been asked to explain the Pythagorean theorem.

He might not know what a woman is, but I definitely know a pregnant pause when I see one.

The question had come out of left field, Hipkins complained.

No kidding. If you’d told my grandfather that one day serious politicians would be asked by serious journalists what a woman was he would have seriously fallen off his chair. Seriously.

Prime Minister Hopkins decided to play for time.

Then, realising he was in trouble, he ducked and weaved. A woman could be anything, he said.

The journalist, clearly sympathetic, offered a big big hint…

Journalist: “Keir Starmer (the British Labor leader) has said that 99.9 per cent of women do not have penises. I know it’s a strange thing to say… but I’d ask again how do you define what a woman is?”

One would have imagined that the penis statistic might have been a big clue.

But, judging by Hipkins’ reply, you could wave a massive penis right in front of the Kiwi PM, and he still wouldn’t know what it meant.

Hipkins: “As I’ve just indicated I wasn’t expecting that question so it’s not something I’ve, you know, pre-formulated an answer on,” he replied. “But in terms of gender identity I think people define their gender identity for themselves.”

Prime Minister of New Zealand had not had time to “pre-formulate” an answer as to what a woman was.

The leader of the one of the Five Eyes nations admits that he cannot say for certain what a woman is unless he receives the question in advance, with plenty of notice, to formulate an answer.

How long might he need?

An hour?

A week?

Should we come back to him after China have invaded?

It’s only a matter of time before a politician is asked what is 2+2, and will reply: “I wasn’t expecting that question, so I don’t have a formulated answer”

It’s weird, you know, because Prime Minister Hipkins was only one month ago lamenting on Australia’s 730 program that female leaders were subjected to more abuse than male leaders.

Now, we discover that the entire time he was waxing lyrical on the rights of women, he didn’t even know what a woman was!

Or maybe he did, but that was a month ago and so perhaps he’s forgotten. It’s so complicated, you see.

730 host Sarah Ferguson asked Hipkins at the time…

“As a colleague and as a male colleague, how do you respond (to the fact women are victims of abuse)?”

What’s weird is that Hipkins didn’t fidget or complain that being referred to as “male” had ‘come completely out of left field’. It’s almost like he knew he was a man. Though we can’t imagine how.

Hipkins replied:

“There is no question, unfortunately ,women in leadership positions, women in politics, and women in other leadership positions are the subject of far more vitriol and abuse than men doing comparable jobs.”

The Kiwi PM mentioned women three times in one sentence on live Australian television, only to admit a month later that he hadn’t a clue what women in fact were.

Tell me again why we have a defence treaty with New Zealand?

Hipkins continued…

“And I think we do have a responsibility, as men, to step up and to condemn that, and to speak against it. Now I think there are many men who feel a bit uncomfortable about that.”

Um, how exactly do you condemn the abuse of women if you’re a bit uncomfortable to say what a woman actually is?

And then he said this:

“But I think we need to have honest conversations about it (the abuse of women).”

Prime Minister, you can’t even have an honest conversation about whether or not women have penises!

In that same interview Prime Minister Hipkins, when asked to introduce himself to Australians, explained:

“I’m a boy from the Hutt in New Zealand.”

Wait. How does he know?

“I’ve been in Parliament for about 15 years now.”

Well, see, that explains today’s gaffe. Everyone knows you have to be in the NZ Parliament sixteen years before the mystical ability to discern male from female is imparted to you.

“I’m a very passionate Kiwi. I’m someone who loves the outdoors and, you know, I’m very passionate about education which is the portfolio I had before.”

The ‘education minister’, you say…

He was also the health minister. Can you believe it?

An education and health minister who cannot say with any certainty what a woman is.

Here’s a hint for the Kiwi PM… a woman is an adult, human female. It has nothing to do with “defining” a “gender”.

Oh, and if she has a penis, she’s a dude.

One more thing. If you’re asked what a woman is and you have to “formulate an answer”, she’s a bloke!

This much is certain, Hipkins has zero balls.

I wish the journalist had asked the obvious supplementary question. If people define their gender themselves, do they also define their own ethnicity? Their own age?

If we can set aside biology for one, then why not others?

And while we are at it, can New Zealanders identify their own tax rate? If not, why not?

The fact that Hipkins hadn’t “formulated an answer” indicated that he thought the events at Albert Park – where a woman advocating for women’s rights had to flee for her life after being mobbed by trans activists – had been brushed under the carpet.

“A woman is anyone who says they are” doesn’t sound so good just days after Rosie Parker was assaulted for speaking about how gender self-identify impacts women’s safety.

And it’s certainly going to make it harder for the transgender activists to go with the “vulnerable minority” line too, right?

The problem for Hipkins was that he was asked the question so close to Transgender Day of Visibility.

Politicians like Hipkins know very well that they are spouting absolute nonsense, and yet they continue to do it. They are not there for our benefit, that much is clear.

They doesn’t fully believe in the ideology they are pushing on citizens, but they don’t really care either.

Hipkins didn’t have an answer because his ideology – and the policy position it leads to – is indefensible.

Hipkins should be tossed out at the next election. If you don’t even know what half the electorate are, you’re not fit to lead the country. Just go away.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Joyce 6 April 2023 at 8:58 am - Reply

    Brilliant expose! When, oh when, will common sense return?

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