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If the Australian Government Stands with the Hostages…

18 January 2024


Penny Wong, I have some questions.

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong arrived in Israel overnight, where she told the families of people held hostage by Hamas that Australia stands with them.

Well, not so fast, Minister Wong.

I have questions.

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why did it take more than three months for a senior government minister to visit our Middle Eastern ally?

Airbus Albo has never seen a plane he didn’t want to be on. Yet he has been completely disinterested in flying to Israel.

And the Prime Minister dispatched his foreign minister only after being shamed by the shadow foreign minister’s trip to Jerusalem.

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why did Wong fly first to Jordan?

Wong’s first port of call on her Middle Eastern tour was a meeting with her counterpart in Jordan, who is stridently anti-Israel and who has suggested that the hostages had it coming.

Everything says something. And that said a lot.

Wong figuratively stood with the hostages only after literally standing beside Ayman Safadi.

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why did Wong stand in Jordan announcing $21m in aid for Gaza before visiting the Israeli families of hostages?

‘The Australian Government stands with the hostages, but first, here’s millions of dollars for the people where the hostages are being held…’

Give me a break!

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why not make the $21m in aid for Gaza conditional upon Gazans freeing the hostages?

And yes, I said Gazans rather than Hamas.

We know from footage of the October 7 attacks that ordinary Gazans participated in and celebrated the slaughter of Jews.

We also know — from the testimony of freed hostages — that ordinary Gazans are helping to keep hostages in captivity.

Further, independent opinion polls show the majority of Gazans support Hamas.

Tell me again why Australian taxpayers are shelling out mega bucks to Gazans, especially while Israelis are right now still being held hostage?

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why is Australia calling on Israel to implement a ceasefire, rather than demanding the people of Gaza immediately release the hostages?

Who agrees to stop fighting while their family members are still being held hostage by sexual deviants?

And what kind of friend suggests that they do?

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why couldn’t Wong have been bothered driving 90 minutes from her Jerusalem hotel to see first-hand the horror of where Israelis were violently abducted?

Sitting in an air-conditioned boardroom hearing stories is not quite the same as standing in a bullet-riddled home where people’s family members were raped, tortured and executed.

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why won’t Wong watch the 45-minutes of video footage of the October 7 attack?

Is she squeamish? Is that it?

Or would seeing the true horror of what Palestinians did to Jews on that fateful morning make it too hard for her to talk out of both sides of her mouth?

One gets the distinct impression that there are some things this Australian Government would rather not know, lest their half-assed ‘stand’ with Israel make them feel hypocritical.

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why is Australia importing almost 1000 Gazans to our country before Gazans free 100 Israeli hostages back to theirs?

Our government has been far more animated about what it can do to secure the safety of Gazans than hostages.

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why do senior government ministers — Tony Burke, Ed Husic and Anne Aly, to name just three — stand with the kidnappers?

Husic’s concern was less for the hostages and more about what he saw as the “collective punishment” of those holding the hostages.

Burke has supported the flying of the Palestinian flag while Israelis are still being held hostage in Palestine.

And he told a Woodford Folk Festival audience that the hostages were not taken in a vacuum.

Anne Aly called on Israel to be investigated for war crimes against those holding Jews hostage. What a joke she is.

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why does the government not condemn South Africa’s attempts to have Israel damned for genocide?

It’s outrageous that when a friend trying to free civilians kidnapped by a terrorist state finds itself in the dock, the Australian government has been mute.

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why does the government continually warn Israel that their actions in Gaza are being monitored?

It’s true that Wong condemns Hamas, but it’s also true that she reserves her strongest words for Israel. She chides Israel about acting within the law, and she warns Israel to show “restraint”.

Let me ask you this, Ms Wong — if it was your children taken hostage and held by violent sexual abusers, would you be worried about “restraint”?

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why are we not moving resolutions in the UN demanding their release?

We sit by while Israel is condemned in the United Nations. But worse, we don’t even support Israel when the UN votes against Israel.

Where is the insistence, the demanding, the table-thumping in global forums that until Hamas release the hostages, there is nothing to talk about?

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why did the Victorian Labor Government refuse police protection for the families of the hostages forced out of their hotel by rabid protestors during a visit to Melbourne?

Israeli families visited our country to raise awareness about their loved ones being held hostage. They were harassed and threatened. When the Israeli embassy asked that they be protected, the request was ignored.


If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, why is the Australian government allowing hate speech and threats of violence to go unpunished?

I’ve seen the vandalised and disfigured posters of hostage victims around Sydney. The Labor government has allowed anti-Semitism to explode on their watch, while claiming they stand with Israel. It’s a joke.

If the Australian Government stands with the hostages, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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  1. Leonie Robson 18 January 2024 at 8:59 am - Reply

    You’re absolutely right, this Australian Government is not supporting Israel completely. It is paying lip service.
    Know them by their fruit.
    It’s obvious that they are more concerned with keeping their Electorates
    and the Muslim constituents happy.
    This Government continues to put our country at risk on so many fronts.

  2. Ian Moncrieff 18 January 2024 at 11:14 am - Reply

    Wong has again got it wrong!

  3. Christine Crawford 18 January 2024 at 11:19 am - Reply

    James you’re YELLING at deaf ears! Thankyou for speaking up for the Israelis.

  4. Michelle Howell 18 January 2024 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    Well done James Macpherson. About time someone in the media honed in on this shameful government’s hypocrisy!

  5. Kathy Gasper 18 January 2024 at 2:48 pm - Reply

    We must never forget the cowardice of this government.

  6. Carr-Thompson Carol 18 January 2024 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    This government is a disgrace. Giving money to Gaza is supporting the brutalization of women and children by these terrorists. They are hell bent on destroying this country and any remaining morals it ever had.

  7. H Harrison 18 January 2024 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    Agree with all the above! Disgraceful hypocrisy! The worst thing is that it is deliberate. As if God doesn’t know! 🙏

  8. Gail Petherick 19 January 2024 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    I feel strongly, that this time round, the Australian Government’s Rep, namely our Foreign minister has gone too far, in showing who she sides with. It’s very clear that one who is supposed to support Israel is refusing to visit the very site of the innocent Israeli’s in the massacres of Oct 7th, demonstrating a lack of total care. By refusing to go, a statement is made in reverse and giving $21 million to the Palestinian Gaza cause, much more is said in a loaded statement. Thirdly, by Foreign minister Wong then making a shockingly public stand to call for a ‘two state solution’ says it all. These 3 acts show very clearly where this lady places her values and loyalty personally. She stands for the minority culture of the left who dare not admit that Israeli citizens should never have been attacked on their own land within Israel, where they expected to dwell safely, after giving up the land 2015 to Gaza. The same Israeli citizens have helped feed many in Gaza, provided paid work for the men in the fields, helped educate many children in Gaza and helped with health care needs. Yet there was no thank you for that- only a slaughter of over 1,200 young Israels, some shot beside their parents within their homes or safe rooms, others were taken off as hostages after being gang raped and some were shot while being raped. Others of elderly age were carted off to re-live a second holocaust. They have since been kept in underground tunnels for over 100 days, deprived of food and medicine and have had no contact with the Red Cross, or outside agencies and been forced to bandage their own wounds or lie in pain and wait for rescue.
    The average Australian supports the premise ‘love thy neighbor’ and not the Hamas tenet ‘kill they neighbor’. one has to ask ‘what is reason is our Foreign minister in Israel at all?’ ‘Indeed, why is she meeting with Arab colleagues and heads of state and purporting ‘a two state solution?’
    I would recommend that she visit the Holocaust Museum while over there, and visit an underground tunnel in Gaza and undergo the same conditions as the hostages are facing now (under a school, hospital or UN facility and then go to visit the survivors who have been released by the Hamas and listen to their stories of grief and loss and torture. I Meanwhile I hope and pray some realization coms to our Foreign minister’s comprehension of what the Hamas intend to do in the future, along with Iran and her proxies (including the Houthis), to Israel and the West.
    Failing that change in comprehension, a move to live in Gaza to live for a time or a move to the surrounding countries might open up further understanding of the situation.
    What we need is a person who understands the situation in Israel and Gaza and not one who has a hidden agendas that fit Australia’s foreign policy.

  9. Margaret 21 January 2024 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    Well said James, couldn’t agree more. It’s time Australia stood with her allies & stop funding terrorists.

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