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25 April 2024


The beloved doctrine of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has finally arrived at its destination — kill the Jews.

The social justice warrior worldview — propagated in universities, indulged by corporate CEOS and flirted with in churches — is now out in the open.

Columbia University held all classes remotely on Monday because the campus wasn’t safe.

Students, fed a diet of DEI by left-wing professors, had turned the university grounds into a giant anti-Israel commune.

Students set up a tent city and spent days chanting anti-Israel slogans while bullying any Jewish student who dared to set foot on campus.

They actually erected a sign renaming Columbia the “Palestine University”.

This is what happens when Ivy League schools replace history with hate; not to mention hysteria.

Jewish students were warned to stay home.

The university faculty was so overwhelmed that Columbia’s president was moved to call in the NYPD to remove her own students.

DEI is a virus.

Social justice is a poison.

We have indoctrinated our young people in hate.

New York City is promising increased pensions to police officers who delay retirement.

Amid rising crime, the NYPD has lost more than 1000 senior officers in the past ten years — all of whom retired early.

I guess that’s what happens when half the city demands, “Defund the police!”

Who would have thought?

The Black Lives Matter movement was a bunch of intellectual lightweights, spurred by hate, tossing excrement into a high-speed fan.

Now, crime is out of control, and the same New Yorkers accusing police of racism have no one willing to protect them.

It’s called blowback.


Dr Hillary Cass, the high-profile paediatrician commissioned by the UK’s National Health Services to conduct an independent review on gender-affirming care services for children, is now unable to travel on public transport.

Let that sink in.

Cass concluded, after four years and in a report numbering 388 pages, that there was “no good evidence” for the medical push to transition children’s gender, noting the push had been “built on shaky foundations.”

Her report also found that puberty blockers did not help youth suffering from gender dysphoria feel better about their bodies.

She concluded that most young people suffering gender dysphoria had major mental health issues that were not associated with their bodies.

Security officials in the UK have told Cass that, with the release of her report, it is now too dangerous for her to be out and about in public.

This is where our world is right now.

If you dare to stand against trans ideology, it becomes too dangerous to step onto a train station.

And if you are the victim of vile threats and harassment, the police tell you to just stay home.

You see the irony there, don’t you? A woman who dares to say that men can’t become women is told by men: just stay home.

What a world!

And consider this: what public official will dare to speak the truth now? And what becomes of a society where speaking the truth has simply become too expensive?


Senator Jacqui Lambie wants Twitter shut down because it is a cesspool of vile abuse.

She told Sky News that Elon Musk was a “social media knob”.

Ain’t it funny when you look into a cesspool and see your own reflection?


Billionaires are evil.

Anthony Albanese called Elon Musk an “arrogant billionaire”.

Tanya Plibersek called Elon Musk an “egotistical billionaire”.

Labor Senator Murray Watt called Elon Musk a “narcissistic billionaire”.

Our politicians think they can turn us against Elon Musk by reminding us that he is richer than us.

Labor are experts on the politics of envy.

Oh, and while we are on the Government’s attempts to stop Twitter from showing footage of the attack on Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel… never forget, the bad guy isn’t the one who wants you to see evil that is happening, it’s the one who wants to hide if from you.


The Queensland Labor Government is boasting that they have seen a 10 per cent reduction in crime this year.

Premier Steven Miles, who is trailing badly in the polls with an election due in October, said: “The programs that we’ve put in place since December are working.”

So NOW we know the secret to fighting crime. An impending election!

Labor has been in government for nine years. They should get zero credit for seeing a reduction in crime at one minute to midnight. In fact, they should be marked down for it. Because this proves that action could have been taken at anytime… they just weren’t motivated enough to protect citizens until they feared citizens might vote them out of office.


Republished with thanks to The James Macpherson Report.

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Image courtesy of Anastasia Shuraeva.

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  1. IAN Moncrieff 25 April 2024 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    Love the title….Love the truthful expose….Thanks again James.

  2. Gail Petherick 27 April 2024 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    Thanks James. You have outlined these happenings in such a way it all hits home. Your observations and conclusion make it for powerful reading. It defies reason who we could sow such destruction in homes, schools universities business and Govt and in the area of gender clinics. So much has been destroyed that started with Judeo Christian ethics. Trying to live without God has caused the Titanic to falter on the iceberg of our nation’s sin, wrong decision making and values. Satan has enticed and we have fallen…May God have mercy as churches struggle to expose the wrong values of the culture around us, and as people pray and fight for righteousness, justice and sound values, for families, schools, universities and Govt to regain godly ethics.

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