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Pro-Life Christian Activist Preselected by Liberals to Replace the Pro-Life Christian Veteran They Expelled

27 July 2022

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The Liberal Party in Victoria has left the legacy media in a frenzy after preselecting staunch pro-life activist, homeschool mother and Melton city councillor Moira Deeming to replace Hon. Bernie Finn, MLC, another stalwart pro-life advocate who was expelled from the Liberal Party for his pro-life views.

On the weekend, the Victorian Liberal Party preselected its replacement for Bernie Finn, the man they controversially kicked out of the party after he expressed mainstream pro-life views — calling for abortion to be banned (in response to the overturning of Roe v Wade).

Ironically, the candidate they chose to replace Finn was Moira Deeming.

Moira Deeming: Pro-Life Activist, Homeschool Mum, Local City Councillor

Moira Deeming is a homeschool mum of four children. She is also a local city councillor and an outspoken pro-life, pro-gender and pro-family campaigner. In 2019, Deeming organised the March for the Babies in Melbourne, speaking alongside Bernie Finn at that rally.

Deeming also went head-to-head with Greens Senator Janet Rice when she presented as a witness before the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee.

When Senator Rice claimed that the statement “trans women are men” was “in and of itself a discriminatory and a hateful statement”, Deeming responded with an epic takedown.

She “put it to” Senator Rice that “it is psychologically abusive to coerce students and other people to say things that they do not believe, especially about the nature of biological sex.”

The clip of Deeming’s calm takedown has been seen thousands of times on TikTok and Instagram.

To top it all off, Moira is a committed Christian and an author for the Daily Declaration, having contributed devotionals to several of our prayer campaigns over the past few years.

The Government and Media Hysteria

Considering Deeming’s intimidating combination of truth, skill and passion, it’s no wonder the legacy media are in hysterics over her preselection. Of course, it doesn’t help that Bernie Finn — now part of the pro-life Democratic Labour Party — said he was “absolutely delighted” by the choice.

Naturally, the ever-inclusive and fair-minded Daniel Andrews has weighed in on the debate, slamming Deeming’s respectfully and thoughtfully articulated views as “hateful”, “homophobic” and “transphobic”.

After expressing his “outrage” (according to The West Australian) at the “unVictorian kind of hatred” the Liberal Party had allowed to be expressed, he continued — clearly missing the irony of his own hypocrisy:

“We all should be respected… We all should be valued for who we are and we shouldn’t have to be hiding who we are. We shouldn’t have to be fearful that we’re not going to be accepted.”

Health Minister Mary-Anne Thomas said she was also “outraged” by the preselection, arguing along the Premier that Deeming’s views are harmful to the LGBTQI community.

But politicians were not the only ones to lose it over the decision. The Guardian went into conniptions over the fact that Deeming described the mass murder of Australian children as a “terrible evil” — quoting a Daily Declaration article Deeming wrote last year.

Even more unthinkably, she had even argued that the laws permitting this mass murder should be repealed in Australia. Inconceivable.

In contrast, Katherine Deves, the high-profile Liberal candidate for Warringah and women’s rights campaigner, applauded the Victorian Liberals’ choice:

“Congratulations to Melbourne Cllr, teacher and mother of four @moiradeeming, preselected by the Liberals for Legislative Council for the upcoming VIC election.

I commend her platform of women’s sex-based rights, child safeguarding and common sense.

Already she is “controversial” simply for holding views that the vast majority of ordinary and fair-minded Australians would agree with.

As a conservative-leaning woman with courage and conviction, she will undoubtedly attract the ire of anti-women fringe extremists, elite woke progressives and the self-righteous left-biased media.

I call on everyone who agrees with Cllr Deeming to join me in supporting and defending her as she takes on this critical fight.”

Well said, Mrs Deves!

Australian Christian Lobby managing director Martyn Iles responded to the news with the following:

Some of you will recall that the Victorian Liberals expelled one of their sitting MPs, Bernie Finn, substantially for his pro-life views.
It marked a new low for the party. Labor don’t actively expel pro-lifers. Who does, other than perhaps the Greens?
Many of you wrote letters of support for Bernie, and were disappointed when the party ignored you.
Well – that was the parliamentary Liberals.
How did the grassroots respond?
They preselected Moira Deeming to replace Bernie… A strongly pro-life, outspoken, Christian candidate.
The irony made me laugh out loud.
Moira is pretty much a certainty to win the seat at the next election.
I am a little late sharing this, but I thought many of you would like to know how the story ended.
Time and again, the party hierarchy is out of touch with the grassroots.
A memo to them – the grassroots are right.
Yes, there is a huge left-wing vote out there, especially in Melbourne, but it’ll never come your way so long as there a true leftie parties to choose – like the teals, Labor, etc. Let go of the fantasy and offer people an alternative, not a copy!
P.S. People mustn’t forget Bernie, though. He will be running for the DLP at the next election in Western Metro.

I wish Moira well in her fight for life, family, faith and freedom in Victoria and pray that she receives the support needed to speak the truth into an increasingly dark culture.


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