Ray Martin

Ray Martin Calls ‘No’ Voters D*ckheads and Dinosaurs

6 October 2023


… as the ‘Yes’ campaign’s charm offensive continues.

The ‘Yes’ campaign continues to believe they can persuade people to support an Indigenous Voice to Parliament by abusing them.

The latest ‘Yes’ campaigner to attempt to win over undecided voters by calling them names is celebrity journalist Ray Martin.

Martin told an audience at the weekend that the ‘No’ campaign’s “If you don’t know, vote no” slogan really meant: “If you’re a dinosaur or a d*ckhead who can’t be bothered reading, then vote no.”

The audience roared with laughter and cheered.

But wait, if voting ‘No’ makes you a dinosaur, does that mean you count as being here longer than 65,000 years? (I’m asking for a friend.)

Bullying and Contradictory

What Ray Martin and his celebrity friends seem not to realise is that the harder they push, the more people resist.

It was the same story with the pandemic… chastising and belittling anyone who didn’t toe the populist hive-mind line only served to fuel distrust.

Martin started his speech by saying that ‘if you don’t know the details, find out’, only to end the speech thus:

“The details don’t matter. They never did matter. They’re irrelevant.”

So Martin says you’re a d*ckhead if you don’t find out the details, and Martin also says the details don’t matter.

Wait. What?

And this, from a former 60 Minutes and 4 Corners reporter.

Little wonder the ‘Yes’ vote is tanking.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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  1. Jase 6 October 2023 at 8:37 am - Reply

    *former celebrity Ray Martin
    This guys opinion is as relevant as a dinosaurs.

  2. Emmy 6 October 2023 at 8:51 am - Reply

    Yep, just another reason to vote ‘no’!

  3. Sam Rajendran 6 October 2023 at 10:03 am - Reply

    It is very sad the promoters of YES campaign are castigating the NO voters as racist/stupid/dinosaurs so sad and very divisive. If they cannot win the uncommitted voters then they descend into slinging match, whilst the Prime Minister Albanese remain silent. Already, this so called Referendum has divided the nation and the fault lies with PM, Marcia, Thomas, and Noel. They have not sought to bring the nation together but bring into disrepute. We have had since 1975 hundreds of Indigenous advisory boards, working groups and counsellors and received over 35 $Billion dollars of special fundings and nothing concrete have been achieved for their welfare and lift their living standards. The Govt has to go back to the drawing board, consult all interested parties, come together and jointly produce very practical steps how to wisely spend the Billions of dollars given to them from Tax Payers Pool of funds.

  4. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 6 October 2023 at 11:31 am - Reply

    “Dinosaurs “and “D—-Heads ” —I can’t stop laughing . Was he was talking about himself as he drank his wine ? I am proud to be called “stupid “, etc because I am a graduate of Adelaide University who discontinued my Law and Accountancy studies because of years of ill-health AND Medical Malpractice which nearly killed me, but, for the Grace of God and Specialist, Mr Peter Byrne + Dr Martin Bruening who lectures at The Adelaide Medical School, I would have died a horrible death with my appendix bursting and my intestines cut by a Filshie Clip ( still APPROVED by the TGA !)
    I am proud that at 16 I came 3rd in an IQ test of 800 University students ; that all other Law Students failed miserably a Research Assignment —that the only one who passed with flying colours was me (the lecturer praised and read out my Essay to the class); that in 1994 I was invited to give a Lunchtime Lecture to the Adelaide Law Students; that I conducted until the last day in court my FOI Case ( FIRST in Australia –misreported in 1984 ALR) ; that I was not a lawyer when I acted as Prosecutor in The Adelaide Magistrates Court when the State refused to prosecute the powerful, well -connected man who tried to kill me ! (It appears that my court victory destroyed the career of the Magistrate who ruled in my favour ? ) .-I am proud that God gave me the inspiration to fight and win against EVIL . My favourite poem is : “Paradise Lost “by Milton. I am old now and just wish for a quiet life , but, unfortunately, I have to continue to fight to try to save this country and its uneducated youth from the dark future which is planned for them

  5. Alfred Russo 6 October 2023 at 5:18 pm - Reply

    I am glad Ray Martin is now added to Kerrie O’Brien, Marcia Langton, Noel Pearson, Albanese, Thomas Mayo, Lidia Thorpe, The Pirate Peter Fitzsimons, and many others, the only think I have to say to all of them is keep throwing stones, we actually enjoy it, and we know why you do it, there is a well established say that goes: FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT. As for the latest input from Ray Martin I have to say that I was as nasty and disgusting as the yes supporters like him are I would lower myself to the level of one of the biggest RACISTs amongst them Marcia Langton and I would say RAY MARTIN, I hope you die or a horrible death and you get disgusting but well deserve obituaries like An ex Australia media mogul, Ray Martin, the DINASOUR and ARSE HOLE finally died, but, I would not do that because I do not wish him bad health, we the NO supporters prefer to use facts to get our support for NO across rather than insults

  6. Kurt Mahlburg 7 October 2023 at 12:05 am - Reply

    It seems to me that, besides insulting No voters, Ray Martin is deliberately twisting the meaning of “Don’t know, vote No”. It’s not advice to stay ignorant. It’s a complaint that the Labor government refuse to tell us the details of the Voice until after we vote for it. There’s nothing more to find out because the information is being kept from the Australian public.

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